My name is Infant. I've seen some things man, and some stuff.

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You're homophobic? Fuck you.



Im gay you dumb bitch


Wait i think you may not be Cody, who i was trying to contact. If you arent Cody, i hope things are going well/getting better Regardless of weather i know you in real life or not.


Haha no I’m not cody, but i forsure hope y’all to fire up


So there is a possibility that the father of this kid is someone even MORE disgusting to me than the guy who took advantage of me…
I just am disgusted with myself… I already love this baby but I wish it was under better terms.. My mom keeps telling me it doesn’t matter who the father is bc she is my baby and just to look at it that way…
I’m just grossed out that I even had sex with either of them.
I still can’t wait to see and hold little SALEM…,