My name is Infant. I've seen some things man, and some stuff.

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I’ve been missing drugs lately. I really hope i have the will power to stay away from the hard ones at least. But, i miss the feeling, and the bonding it brought on sometimes. I don’t miss a lot of it, mostly how ashamed i felt afterward and the fear of losing myself to them, but I do miss them, like I’m sure most people end up doing. If i didn’t have a kid now there would be nothing stopping me. I just have a urge to go out one more time and get it out of my system for good, even though i like i could do that I’m not stupid and that’s not how drugs work. I really want the will power and i really want the high. God, i hope i don’t give in, though…

I go in at midnight (the 18) to be induced..

I’m really fucking bummed bc I bought Bright Eyes tickets, thinking I’d give birth in October.. But then my dr was like no we are gonna take her early so now I’m missing the concert… And that was gonna be my first real concert too, but now I’m selling the tickets to some guy and i keep trying to forget about it and not be so bummed bc I’ll have a kid but man im sad about it. …..

I like to believe i don’t get on tumblr bc i got a life..
But the truth is I don’t get on bc I don’t have internet anymore.


I hope this isn't creepy or w/e but i've been following you for a while now because we have similar interests but I just wanted to say how sweet you are! I couldn't wish more luck for you and your new baby. I know its seems scary but once she's here, all of that will go away. You'll be a great mom.


Not creepy. Thanks love. It’s always nice to hear words of encouragement.